Dragalia Lost

Harle's Trial: Master - Teyah

Master Auto Clear Time: 2:20

Kuzunoha Lead Unit


Vanessa 2nd Unit


Valentine's Ezelith 3rd Unit


Halloween Lowen 4th Unit

Shared Skills


Gala Leonidas

Sovereign Barrage



Helper - Ramiel

Creator's Notes

Master Harle's Trial with Gala Leif's spiral is finally here and it looks to be a super straightforward auto compared to the Legion and dragon fights we've had. This is a largely similar comp to my previous Master Wind Legion trial auto, taking advantage of dual healers and the new Lv120 Essence dragons to blaze through this fight quickly even with 2 healers + 2 DPS.

Units & dragons for this auto are again flexible. I used Promotheus here to lead, but HBH is the better choice for survival if that's giving you issues.

Kuzunoha - The choice for ranged lock-on is between Staff/Bow this time; I go with Staff as it's always nice to have a backup healer in case things don't line up well. Fox girl was a free unit and also gives Overdamage which is nice.

Vanessa (Axe) - A solid Axe DPS unit that can be filled by any other Axe you may have built. H!Mym doesn't provide the defensive coab, but that honestly shouldn't be a problem given how easy the survival check is here.

V!Ezelith (Bow, burn) - V!Eze is a pretty good burn & utility bot and does her job well here. Alternatively, MC70 Joe can burn as well while dishing out better DPS. Alternatively for no-burn options there's always Gala Sarisse?

HLowen - Remains as the AI flame healer of choice. If you don't have him then Verica is the next best choice for AI healing, followed by Y!Cassandra.

Comp Type
Date Posted
Nov. 17, 2021
Creator's Clear Time