Dragalia Lost

Surtr's Devouring Flame: Expert - Gigz (Version 1)

Expert Auto Clear Time: 3:28-5:23 Clear Rate: 100%

Gala Elisanne Lead Unit


Gala Mascula 2nd Unit


Xainfried 3rd Unit


Summer Verica 4th Unit

Shared Skills


Halloween Sylas

Surgical Trick



Tornado Bash

Creator's Notes

What's a Tiki?

Luckily I've managed to avoid needing that dragon girl thus far. I made it through the auto eTartarus meta w/o her, but I kinda got scared when she started popping up with Surtr.

Also, 62 MC Gelly works! Probably don't bring into Coop though tbh. I've also seen sMarshiten pairings but mine's is 0 UB so I stuck with an Tank Dragon (HMerc).

Halidom and Weapon Bonuses: Water Altar lvl 38s

Other facilities maxed.

Minimal Weapon Bonuses

Assume all prints have max augments.
My SS aren't strict, just choose affliction SS like FJoa or GChelle, etc. Also, both my SS dispel so you might want to think about that.
I forgot to start recording until midway through the 13 runs.
This is a 62 MC build GElly, you probably win if you have 67 MC.
Further testing probably required, but this seems consistent enough (haven't run into any fails yet)

I don't think any Sindom prints are really required (I haven't tested that though).

Thanks to a friend for the set-up.

Comp Type
Date Posted
Oct. 30, 2021
Creator's Clear Time
Creator's Clear Rate
100% (13/13)