Dragalia Lost

Lilith's Encroaching Shadow: Expert - VolubleWanderer (4x Gold Fafnir)

Expert Auto Clear Time: 9:12

Julietta Lead Unit


Halloween Laxi 2nd Unit


Gala Audric 3rd Unit


Hildegarde 4th Unit

Shared Skills


Nurse Aeleen




Fantastic Flight

Creator's Notes

No one else had a 4 faf expert Lilith posted so I decided to do it myself. It’s not tested super well but it can work.

Julietta with N!Aileen(70mc) and lapis(50 mc) SS. Prints: Flashburn punisher 25%, skill damage 40%, (light) skill haste 10% with snake boon, shadow res 10%, (light) skill haste 7% snake boon, impregnable fortress sword boon, sword psalm III.

H!Laxi prints flashburn punisher 25%, force strike 50% lance boon, skill damage 40%, (manacaster) crit damage 17%, (manacaster) crit rate 12%, impregnable fortress staff boon, sword psalm lance boon.

G!Audric prints flashburn punisher 25%, (light) skill haste 10%, (axe) crit rate 14%, shadow res 10%, skill damage 20% sword boon, sword psalm, skill damage 20%

Hilde prints hp 70%= 13% defense, skill haste 8% bow boon, recovery potency 13% staff boon, buff skill time 20% staff boon, shadow res 10%, impregnable fortress staff boon, bow psalm III Staff boon.

All characters had 9UB Agito weapons and a gold fafnir.

Edit: forgot to add shapeshift was off. Speed 1.2

My last comment on this is I know it’s not optimal but hopefully someone smarter than me will polish it up and can post a better product.

It’s very possible to auto with like real dragons helping out. I think you can probably get something like a 4 minute clear with real dragons and double punisher going.

Comp Type
Date Posted
Dec. 16, 2021
Creator's Clear Time