Dragalia Lost

Asura's Blinding Light: Standard - The Red Menace (4x Gold Fafnir)

Standard Auto Clear Time: 7:45 Clear Rate: 100%

Alberius Lead Unit


Gala Zethia 2nd Unit


Cleo 3rd Unit


Grace 4th Unit

Shared Skills


Yitian Jian

Agito Ability


Gala Mascula

Code 06: Conclusion

Creator's Notes

So with this anniversary I finally realised that on standard and expert you can use any element you want. I’m not exactly sure why I assumed the whole time you couldn’t, but when I looked into gold faf runs the only ones that I could find were for Asura, and even those were pretty scarce (also I think I posted the first full auto clear here with four heh, even if it was far from consistent). I guess my main motivation for wanting to get these up and running as well was the fact that I was tearing through all my rupies because I was finally upgrading all my agito weapons for wind, water, and light with the anniversary drop rates.

So my lead gold fafnir has +50/+50 augments, my gold fafnir for grace has +50 hp, my gold faf for dps 2 has +50 for strength, and the one for the healer has none. I doubt they really impact the run, but I just like the idea of each gold fafnir being distinct since I have to have four of the same dragon.

Assume all my wyrmprints had max augments, and were max unbound, except sinister dominion prints which vary between half upgraded and fully upgraded, but with augments still.

Anyway, I’d like to start with Asura and the fact that I don’t have some of the units typically found for those Asura runs - I don’t have G Chelle, and my S Verica isn’t fully spiralled. Therefore, the first runs I tried were Alberius, Gala Zethia, Zena, and Grace. The idea was that Grace would provide shields despite CoN, since it’s pretty manageable on standard, while Zena would provide a hybrid of healing & dps, but she just didn’t heal enough. After playing around with it, I eventually replaced her with Cleo, and my first 99 run was born, as well as the framework I would use for the rest of my runs.

This structure is dragon dps + dragon drive (or similar mechanics) + healer + grace.

In case you’re missing G Zethia or Alberius, there were a few other combinations that worked with Cleo Grace as well. Alberius Joker seemed to work - I did about 50 runs before I had to use my phone for something else and the app refreshed, and Joker G Zethia got about four runs in before it timed out once, but it seemed to survive well enough and Cleo was using an off element agito weapon, so I think with a second shadow staff it wouldn’t have any issues since they were very close to beating her anyway. If not though, maxed out Summer Verica should probably make it work if that’s an option that works for you.

I also tried regular Chelle with these runs since she fits the criteria, and is a free adventurer, but her dps was just too low (again though, maybe S Verica could make her work). I don’t have Lathna, Summer Mym, or Summer Leonidas either, but it’s possible they could work in some combination as well (Aldred & Belina obviously just kinda don’t work for this content unfortunately for obvious reasons).

Comp Type
Date Posted
Oct. 29, 2021
Creator's Clear Time
Creator's Clear Rate
100% (99/99)