Dragalia Lost

Asura's Blinding Light: Expert - Rabi Erina

Expert Auto Clear Time: 4:09

Alberius Lead Unit


Veronica 2nd Unit


Vania 3rd Unit


Summer Verica 4th Unit

Shared Skills


Gala Mym

Dragon Claw


Gala Luca

Shining Slash

Creator's Notes

The key here is bring 2-3 drag prep so you always have dragon when boss use "Divinity Slayer". Can be faster if you have S!Patia, replace Veronica and give all DPS poison punisher print (I don't have her). S!Verica is 67mc, but as long as you unlocked her amp (56mc) it is fine. Replace "Forbidden Corrosion" print if the healing is not enough.
Unfortunately this is not 100% clear, best record is 15 clears in a row. As the AI will find a way to dancing and do nothing.

Comp Type
Date Posted
July 2, 2021
Creator's Clear Time