Dragalia Lost

Asura's Blinding Light: Expert - JG25646

Expert Auto Clear Time: 5:30-6:30 Clear Rate: 98%

Joker Lead Unit


Veronica 2nd Unit


Gala Mascula 3rd Unit


Summer Verica 4th Unit

Shared Skills



Faerie Magic



Endless Nightmare

Creator's Notes

Some clears used a revive as the orb sometimes doesn’t get destroyed. Also it is important to take note of verica’s hp as if the orb is not cleared she sometimes survives the aoe attack which you do not want. Important to note: I’ve basically got maxed out bonuses with only my encyclopedia bonus not being maxed.

Edit: I’ve switched to using off element agito weapons on Veronica and verica and I’ve noticed my clear times are now 5:30-6:30

Btw verica is at 60 nodes.

Comp Type
Date Posted
July 3, 2021
Creator's Clear Time
Creator's Clear Rate
98% (49/50)