Dragalia Lost

Asura's Blinding Light: Expert - ShadowRaito

Expert Auto Clear Time: 7:34

Alberius Lead Unit


Forte 2nd Unit


Delphi 3rd Unit


Cleo 4th Unit

Shared Skills


Formal Noelle

Grim Missive


Gala Mym

Dragon Claw

Creator's Notes

Some of my friends manage to auto using gchelle and natalie replacing delphi (for non poison mean you don’t have to use grim missive ss) or fortebut alberius seems a must in a team with cleo as healerso far is very consistent but it looks like i can change the dragon to ramiel for better run (because my chtho is not mub)

Comp Type
Date Posted
July 2, 2021
Creator's Clear Time