Dragalia Lost

Primal Midgardsormr's Trial: Expert - RaenonX

Expert Auto Clear Time: 2:30 Clear Rate: 100%

Ayaha & Otoha Lead Unit


Gala Laxi 2nd Unit


Gala Leonidas 3rd Unit


Kimono Elisanne 4th Unit

Shared Skills


Gala Mym

Dragon Claw



Helper - Ramiel

Creator's Notes

This comp usually clears within 2:30, focused on skipping air flow and tornado wall.
If Ayaha & Otoha die too early, they will use up revive, but won't cause you to fail.
Usually you will see them get very low, but they will usually heal up in time.

Alliance member reported 32/34 (94.12%), possibly due to encyclopedia and weapon bonus difference leading to being able to skip key moves.

Comp Type
Date Posted
Dec. 25, 2021
Creator's Clear Time
Creator's Clear Rate
100% (165/165)