Dragalia Lost

High Midgardsormr's Trial: Master - Dragalia Foundry

Master Auto Clear Time: 2:23

Gala Laxi Lead Unit


Nadine 2nd Unit


The Prince 3rd Unit


Halloween Lowen 4th Unit

Shared Skills



Agito Ability


Halloween Lowen

You won't trick me!

Creator's Notes

This video shows gameplay only. I lead with Gala Laxi because she stands at a ranged distance but benefits from higher defense as a melee unit. Marth is probably another fine lead thanks to his sustain. Nadine is great for the HP co-ability and dispel, but Gala Mym is probably a fine replacement. If you have her, I would suggest using Vanessa over Euden from a consistency and survival standpoint; Euden works well enough for me and gives player EXP. Other healers maybe can replace Halloween Lowen, but he's most reliable. As in most videos in this series, I aim more for defense than fast clear times. One thing to note in this case though is that these are all 8UB Agito weapons, which are extremely strong.

All of the units used have the High Midgardsormr's Bane ability unlocked for their weapon/element combination. That ability is what you want on DPS to enable this. The setup works for all difficulties lower than master as well.

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Date Posted
Oct. 10, 2020
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