Dragalia Lost

High Jupiter's Trial: Master - Dragalia Foundry (4x Gold Fafnir)

Master Auto Clear Time: 2:29

Curran Lead Unit


Patia 2nd Unit


Althemia 3rd Unit


Cleo 4th Unit

Shared Skills


Fangtian Huaji

Agito Ability



Tornado Bash

Creator's Notes

This video shows gameplay only. This high dragon is one of the most open-ended as far as autoplay due to shadow being a very deep element. I opted for defense with Cleo and Althemia mainly since they're given to all players for free, but there's a lot of flexibility here. I think Patia is generally enough sustain to where healing doublebuff prints can replace Cleo or Grace. Speed wasn't a major concern for me since I lack the honey to really farm this much, but I'm sure this could be done much faster if you experiment a bit.

All of the units used have the High Jupiter's Bane ability unlocked for their weapon/element combination. That ability is what you want on your DPS to enable this. The setup works for all difficulties lower than master as well.

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Date Posted
Oct. 9, 2020
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