Dragalia.GG Frequently Asked Questions

Where do these builds come from?

Builds are added manually by Dragalia.GG staff; the site is not engineered for user submissions.

We regularly search the following sources looking for new auto builds:

- /r/DragaliaLost subreddit

- YouTube

- #auto_endgame_builds channel of the Dragalia Lost Maincord

So if you post your build in one of these locations, chances are we'll find it.

All builds are sourced to the original creators.

Why don’t you list the Adventurer’s level, number of Mana Circle nodes, number of unbinds for weapons/dragons, facility/altar levels, weapon bonuses, Notte’s Notes bonuses, etc?

Autoing endgame content is generally the hardest thing one can do in this game. You are going to need near max investment for the harder endgame battles, like Master Agito or Sinister Dominion.

For the harder Agito or SD battles, you can safely assume that the following Castle investments are required for a high clear rate:

- Event facilities maxed
- Elemental altars Lv. 40 or higher
- Weapon dojos Lv. 35 or higher
- Dracoliths Lv. 30 (for teams with Auto-Shapeshift on)
- Trees (from Agito Treasure Trade) Lv. 25 or higher
- Slime Statues Lv. 15

In terms of Adventurers, you can safely assume the following for most builds:

- Max Adventurer level (Lv. 80 for units without a Mana Spiral; Lv. 100 for units with a Mana Spiral)
- Max Mana Circle Nodes (50 for units without a Mana Spiral; 70 for units with a Mana Spiral)
- +100 HP and +100 Atk augments (Adventurer)
- Max unbound dragon with +50 HP and +50 Atk augments
- If a 6-star weapon is listed, it should be refined and at least 4UB
- If a 5-star weapon is listed, it should be 8UB
- All Wyrmprints are MUB
- All Wyrmprints have +50 HP and +50 Atk augments (+40/+40 for Sinister Dominion prints)

The following are nice to have, and if you find you’re not clearing as reliably as the creator, you can try upgrading as many of these as possible:

- Weapon bonuses
- Fafnir Statues
- Notte’s Notes bonuses

I don’t have [Adventurer]. Can I replace them with a different Adventurer?

Perhaps, but in most cases, your clear rate will decrease. If you have questions about these builds, your best bet is to post a comment on the original YouTube video for the build or on the Reddit discussion thread, which are usually linked on the build's page. From what I’ve seen, the creators are generally very helpful in terms of suggesting substitutions.

Why don’t you have any builds for Expert or Standard Advanced Dragon Trials?

The battle mechanics and gimmicks for each individual HDT are 95% identical across all difficulty levels. Team builds for Master can be used for Expert and Standard without any substitutions, so it’s not worth making builds specifically to cover lower difficulties.

How does the pending End of Service affect Dragalia.GG?

Dragalia.GG will continue to operate as usual until Dragalia Lost goes offline. As long as creators keep posting new builds, we will continue to upload them to the site. This goes for all content, from Advanced Dragon Trials to Primal Dragon Trials.

When the End of Service arrives sometime in summer 2022, we will stop posting builds, but the site will be left up indefinitely.

Why didn't you post my build?

We only upload complete full auto builds to the site. If we don't upload your team, it is either because you have left out some essential information on your build, or it is not a full auto team.

Many creators leave out their shared skills or their portrait wyrmprint effects when uploading their builds. You must list these in some fashion, either by displaying them in your video/images or posting them via text in the video description, in a comment, etc. Bear in mind that some shared skills use the same icon as others; in these cases, simply showing the icon is not sufficient, and you should show the name of the shared skill in some fashion. For portrait wyrmprints, you must always show the effects in some fashion, as it is impossible to discern the effects from the wyrmprint icon alone.

"Semi-auto" (ie. a "quick swap" where the "controlled" character is immediately changed upon starting the quest, or a team where manual control is used for brief periods to navigate tricky mechanics) and manual teams are not accepted.

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