Dragalia Lost

Volk's Wrath: Legend - Teyah

Legend Auto Clear Time: 9:50

Halloween Lowen Lead Unit


Mikoto 2nd Unit


Gala Leonidas 3rd Unit


Nadine 4th Unit

Shared Skills



Virtuous Guard



Glacial Blossom

Creator's Notes

After noticing that my LVolk farm team could sometimes clear phase 1 by itself, I realized that Full Auto was probably within reach for this fight. Had a lot of fun figuring out this Auto piece by piece.

As I progged through I tried many, many comps including Emma, Ramona, Mym, Chrom, and Ezelith. After making it to the very end and timing out at Berserk a few times, I decided to go back to trusty old Blade Coab and finally got the clear.

As with my other videos, there's a bunch of commentary throughout the run at particular points of interest. It should explain a lot of what's going on, RNG sequences, etc.

And before anyone asks... due to the nature of the fight itself, this will never be remotely consistent unless many changes (nerfs) are made. Specifically, teleport swipe damage is insanely high so you have to take a full tank team (timeout core) or Freeze (RNG) to get past it. After this, there's a couple high RNG instances of forced or AoE plague (poison) that you have to simply RNG through on Auto. And if you manage to beat all of this, your AI still have to deal enough damage to not get stuck on Berserk mode until Time Over.

You also need Leonidas for a real shot at doing this, he's simply way too strong to replace.

Comp Type
Date Posted
Dec. 5, 2020
Creator's Clear Time