Dragalia Lost

Tartarus's Wrath: Master - T L

Master Auto Clear Time: 4:23

Hildegarde Lead Unit


Gala Prince 2nd Unit


Gala Luca 3rd Unit


Peony 4th Unit

Shared Skills


Halloween Lowen

You won't trick me!



Helper - Ramiel

Creator's Notes

Updated comp since some were asking for it to be tweaked a bit. I changed Peony to Gilgamesh to tank a bit more hits, added some print slots and dps prints to Gooden, used Alberius Ramiel helpers. Lastly added some random print slots to Hilde as well for a bit more HP and I guess a tiny bit of haste. It's actually quite consistent on clearing now. Even when random units die here and there, it still clears. It even cleared without entering a single portal meaning no heals the entire fight lol. Builds are at the end 8:10. (NOTE: It's not perfect so feel free to adjust and change to fit your needs)

Comp Type
Date Posted
May 22, 2021
Creator's Clear Time