Dragalia Lost

Kai Yan's Wrath: Expert - OliviaWants2Die

Expert Auto Clear Time: 2:18

Summer Prince Lead Unit


Summer Verica 2nd Unit


Berserker 3rd Unit


Gala Zethia 4th Unit

Shared Skills



Elder Cure



Crystalline Blades

Creator's Notes

didn't show it in the video but the clear time was 2:18. it's been faster before though.

i haven't used this instance of the team enough to give an accurate clear rate, but of the few runs i have used it in, it's beaten all of them with no revives used.

shadow altars: one level 41, one level 40.
shadow dracolith: level 16.
poison slime statue: level 15.
library obscura: level 35.
shadow tree: level 30.
shadow fafnir statue: level 12.
cleansing fount: level 35.
dagger dojo: 2x level 24.
staff/sword/blade dojos: 2x level 23.
statue of ilia: level 29.
dr. schmidt's lab: level 30.

all weapons are shadow agito weapons at 8ub.
augments are: +960 for summer euden, +500 for summer verica, +600 for berserker and +520 for gala zethia.
none of the sinister dominion prints serve any proper purpose, and are simply for reaching caps (or more augments for euden, in the case of wind of oaths).
i got bullied on maincord for asking for berserker prints so i could make this video and not look like an idiot for not having fully upgraded prints.
that summer verica is 70mc.
this is my main team. i use it for literally everything except co-op runs of off-element endgame content.

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Dec. 12, 2021
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