Dragalia Lost

Ciella's Wrath: Legend - bcharriere4398

Legend Auto Clear Time: 9:02

Templar Hope Lead Unit


Gala Notte 2nd Unit


Mona 3rd Unit


Lowen 4th Unit

Shared Skills



Sparrow's Guard



Helper - Ramiel

Creator's Notes

Auto dragondrive is tight :D

After only about ~10 attempts (though I likely just got lucky), I got my first Full Auto LCiella clear! This was heavily inspired by u/Teyah and his comp so thanks so much for that:


I can't speak to consistency, as I just got really excited after my first full auto clear and wanted to post it.

The issues that exist with the V!Chelsea comp still exist here, but it shows that GNotte can replace her now with the auto dragondrive. Some issues I saw were THope bonking the explosion in Tides of Despair, AI not knowing what to do in RainI don't know which comp is more consistent, as I don't have V!Chelsea to test.

My bonuses are pretty high: all weapon bonuses, wind altars level 43, all other altars maxed, Encyclopedia bonus for adventurers are HP 6.9% and Str 5.5%, dragons HP 4.2% and Str 4.4%.

Share skill is Patia, with an Alberius helper with MUB Ramiel + Dragon prep print.


Since adding 6 star prints (mostly just skill damage + swords psalm, upgrading the str doublebuff prints), swapping one of Lowens prints with healing since the damage check is lower, and giving THope a 2nd copied wind Sword, the consistency is.... a little better? It's still not great. Very possible but not great haha.

Comp Type
Date Posted
July 27, 2021
Creator's Clear Time