Dragalia Lost

Zena Builds & Comps

Shadow Wand

Thor's Trial: Master - T L

This team uses Gala Cat Sith’s Dragon Skill combined with Zena’s Skills to unleash a barrage of multi-hit attacks.

Master Auto 3:47 Nov 17, 2021

Thor's Trial: Master - Teyah (3x Gold Fafnir)

A low investment gold farming setup for daily Master Thor clears.

Master Auto 3:22-3:55 Clear Rate: 76% (19/25) Nov 17, 2021

Thor's Trial: Master - blinkybleu

A budget team built with accessibility in mind.

Master Auto 3:27 Nov 17, 2021

Asura's Blinding Light: Expert - Gigz (Version 3)

A budget comp featuring Sazanka and free units.

Expert Auto 9:10 Jan 18, 2022