Dragalia Lost

Halloween Laxi Builds & Comps

Light Rapid-Fire Manacaster

Lilith's Encroaching Shadow: Expert - Biresu01

A relatively quick Lilith comp using Halloween Laxi both as an adventurer and a shared skill.

Expert Auto 3:30-4:30 Clear Rate: 98% (117/120) Nov 15, 2021

Lilith's Encroaching Shadow: Expert - Gigz (Version 3)

An alternative Lilith auto team that doesn't use Sinister Dominion wyrmprints.

Expert Auto 4:39 Nov 24, 2021

Lilith's Encroaching Shadow: Expert - VolubleWanderer (4x Gold Fafnir)

Powercreep has enabled a 4x Gold Fafnir eLilith auto that is at least capable of clearing.

Expert Auto 9:12 Dec 17, 2021

Iblis's Trial (Shadow): Master - Omaemae

This team packs a ton of flashburn.

Master Auto 3:39 Jan 19, 2022

Primal Zodiark's Trial: Master - イェミ

Halloween Laxi makes an appearance on this team.

Master Auto 6:30 Apr 25, 2022

Primal Zodiark's Trial: Expert - EllLinoone

A stable comp with Halloween Laxi and Mitsuhide providing affliction support.

Expert Auto 4:03 Clear Rate: 100% (12/12) Apr 25, 2022

Primal Zodiark's Trial: Master - Bacon (Version 2)

A defense amp-focused build featuring Corrosion Valyx.

Master Auto 5:50-7:00 Clear Rate: 87% (26/30) Apr 27, 2022

Tartarus's Wrath: Legend - イェミ

An alternate team for Legend Tartarus, this time with a Halloween Laxi lead.

Legend Auto 6:42 Jul 07, 2022

Iblis's Surging Cascade: Legend - Gigz

Gigz's 100th submission to Dragalia.GG is an impressive one.

Legend Auto 8:38 Jul 29, 2022